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Hello, thanks for stopping by. I became an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer in 2002. If you call on me to help with your horse, I will work with you both to help overcome the issues you are experiencing.

Based in Lincolnshire


Problem horse


A Horse with problems

Considering that naturally a horses life consists basically of eating and ensuring continuity of the species (food and sex!!), where's the problem! It's when horses come into contact with humans and are expected to live to a whole new set of rules that they can develop issues. I believe this answers the question above. If we look at it as a horse with problems, rather than a problem horse, we can then put our minds to helping the horse through what he is finding difficult, instead of simply blaming him for being 'stupid' 'stubborn' or taking the mickey.

By looking at things from the horses point of view and being fair and consistent when handling them, the horse human partnership can be very successful.

Business phone hours - Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm

Is what I do Natural Horsemanship?

You can be the judge of that

Please note

I'm afraid I'm not taking on new clients

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