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Horses Inside Out - Annual Conference 22nd & 23rd February 2020

For full details of this event please click HERE

Trec Lincolnshire - Winter series

19th October 2019 - WSI, Sovereign Quarter Horses, March 

2nd November 2019 - PTV Training, Kenwick Louth 

9th November 2019 - WSII, Kenwick Louth

30th November 2019 - PTV Training, Kenwick Louth

7th December 2019 - WSIII Kenwick Louth

26th January 2020 - WSIV Kenwick Louth

23rd Feburay 2020 - WSV Kenwick Louth

For details/entry forms please click HERE

Intelligent Horsemanship Courses

Come and have the experience of a lifetime with expert tuition in the art of ‘horse whispering’ and equine behaviour. The Intelligent Horsemanship courses will change the way you view not only your relationships with horses, but also the people around you and the relationship you have with yourself.

For details of these courses please click HERE